Thursday, October 29, 2015

Roman Shade and Farmer's Market (8/18/2012)

Today I put together and installed a roman shade in our laundry room.  It is the only window on the first floor that we didn't get blinds for when we had them installed in the house and it has been bugging me ever since.  We don't use the room much and the doors are always closed, but it gets hot!  The onions and potatoes always sprout early when I store them in there and like I said, it gets hot! 
I found Jen's great little tutorial on how to make Roman Shades in 20 Pictures or Less and got to work.  It was great!  The only thing I learned that she doesn't instruct you to do (but she mentions her ruler keeping her 2" from the edge) is that you need to put your outside rows of rings close (like 2") to the edge of the shade, or you get saggy sides. 
 Oh well, it won't be up much and when it is, it'll still look great.  I love this fabric and think it looks pretty neat with the Roman Shade style.
 I also hit the Corvallis Farmer's Market with the girls this morning and got quite a haul.  It is really hard to not just tear into everything all at once!  The canteloupes are filling the kitchen with their smell and I am looking forward to having one for dessert tonight!
The tomatoes are all juicy and yummy - Annie can't keep her eyes off of them when I walk by them in the kitchen.
The zucchini.  Oh zucchini - so pretty and so tasty.  Steam them up and sprinkle some Almond Parmesan on them.  Mmmmm.
I am going through withdrawals of dahlias this summer - I haven't been up to Portland much so I haven't had the chance to snag buckets of flowers from my Mother-In-Law's yard.  So, I put $2 in the Community Garden Jar and picked out this little bundle of flowers.  Think I might try and find that peachy-pink one for my MIL's collection.
I also dropped some lemon cucumbers off at Saturday Morning Coffee for Brad and Brandy and had some questions - what were they and how did they grow?  Just cucumbers and like cucumbers.  Simple.  Here is a ginormous mass of lemon cucumber flowers hiding.  I have a feeling I am going to be pawning these things off on anyone I can find.
And here is the cucumebr bed.  There is one green cucumber plant and several lemon cucumber plants.  If you notice the bed mayhem on the left side of the picture?  BOTH girls were in it this morning.

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