Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dare to Dresden ... with ME! (1/24/2013)

Hello hello!  Long time no see.  But I have been busy in my sewing room!  My latest finish is what I get to share for the Hop today!  First I want to say - Christine from Quilt Monster in My Closet and Mdm Samm from Sew We Quilt - ROCK!  You are experiencing another fantastic Blog Hop put together and cheered by them.  And, as for cheering, don't forget to visit the rest of the fantastic bloggers that I am sharing my day with and show them some bloggy love:
When I saw that there was a Dresden Blog Hop happening, I knew I had to jump in.  I had purchased an Easy Dresden Ruler a while ago after seeing a few blogs and tuts (like this one, this one, and this video) that made Dresdens VERY intriguing.  So, a hopping I went :o)
I pulled a charm pack out of the back of my fabric cabinet and picked up a neutral background for whatever was going to come out of this unknown adventure.  Followed the instructions from a few tuts and voila!  Easy peasy blades - 80 of them.  20 make a plate, so I figured I could make three whole plates and put the four quarters of the fourth into the corners of a table runner.  For each blade, I pointed the bottom as well since I wanted to leave the inside of the plate open to see the background.  Inspired by *surprise* Melissa Corry's quilt here.
Yeah, my math never was great and it didn't do me much good here.  So, I only had room for the three whole plates.  Cool - off I went!  I stitched with coordinating thread around the outside of each plate, then the inside as well.  Then, just for some fun, I stitched down a couple blades on each plate.
 After I got them stitched down, I made my sandwich and brok two nails basting the durned thing.  Had a little trouble with the quilting - I forgot to take the painters tape off my machine table and kept getting the backing caught.  Luckily, the quilting is the same color as the background and I can't see the goofiness unless you're really looking.
I bound the whole thing in the same color as the background during lunch at work and hung it on my blinds to take the final pics.  I think I like the way it looks on my sewing table though... :o)
I am going to use the rest of my background fabric and the remaining plate pieces to make a couple placemats, haven't decided on two or four yet.  I don't know when that will happen...definitely before our quilt show this Fall, I want to put them out together.
Thanks for sharing with me today - my project isn't as inspired as some of the other projects - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G - that my fellow bloggers are putting out, but I had a lot of fun and definitely know I will be making more in the future.
Have fun on the hop and at the other blogging sites.
woof, woof, meow

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