Thursday, October 29, 2015

Yay!  I am finally touching down from orbiting the moon!  Not really, but with all the travel I have been doing and will be doing, it seems like I am a stranger in my own sewing room!  But happy times - its my day to participate in the Holiday Lane Blog Hop!!!
First, I want to say Thank You to Madame Samm for putting this on and an even bigger THANKS to Pauline for hosting - the two of you are awesome :o)
Here are the rest of the bloggers I am sharing my day with today:
Annie Oak Designs  YOU ARE HERE :o)
Make sure you check them out and leave lots of bloggy love!!!
And here is the link to Jillily Studio where the pattern for Holiday Lane resides and a ton of other cool stuff too (check her out!).
Here's the pillow-top!  It isn't finished since I want to hand quilt this (handwork for the trip to Hawaii maybe?)  But I did get the layers quilted in the ditch around the houses. 
I found the starry night fabric at Joann's - it is this great heavy black with sparklies all over it.  It reminds me of the night sky on the farm that I grew up on - neighbors were miles away and the light pollution was nil.
Instead of some fancy stitching on the felt to keep it down, I just stitched a line down the middle of each felt piece with the hope that with use, the felt will fluff out a little bit.
I do have a giveaway too! 
I always try to save the scrappies and pieces from my projects and usually make something little out of them when I am done.  I have the corner pieces from the house tops that I will be making into a mug rug this week after I buy a new iron (did I mention my iron shorted in my hand - glowed in my hand! and started to smoke?  Never saw me move that fast down the stairs and out the front door!)
I want to know what your favorite Holiday beverage is. 
Mine is probably Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider - that is liquid crack to me. 
I could drink that year round, maybe I'll ask Josh to make me an apple cider helmet :o)
I'll leave the drawing open until Friday at midnight Mountain Time.
Them rules:
Anyone can enter, I'll ship it international :o)
You can only win if you are a REPLY Commenter!  This means you need to have an email attached to your profile OR leave me your email in the comment.
For one entry - leave me a comment on your favorite holiday beverage.
For another entry - be a follower and leave a comment telling me so.
Now, off to check out the other bloggy folks and their Holiday Lanes.
woof woof meow

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