Thursday, October 29, 2015

Put Your Stamp On It Blog Hop (6/27/2013)

Hi hi!  Welcome to my day on the Put Your Stamp On It! blog hop!!!  First off, thank you to Mdm Samm and Thearica for putting this together and being our Cheerleaders for this hop - without you always behind, gently pushing us forward, we wouldn't be half as far as we are!  Thank you thank you!!!
When I saw this blog hop pop up on Sew We Quilt, I knew I wanted to jump into it.  I've been thinking a lot about a logo for AnnieOak Designs and this blog hop was a perfect opportunity to put some ideas out there.  Most of you who follow me know that my furchildren are Annie and Oakleigh (yes, cheesy but oh so fun too!).  They are most often right there with me in my sewing room or snoring on the dog bed outside the door, so it is fitting that any designs that I eventually call my own reflect two of my true loves - Annie

and Oakleigh. 
Smash'em together and you got: AnnieOak Designs.
For my stamp I wanted to incorporate the dogs and the oak tree as well as a little bit of me.  Annie is there - the lab silhouette.  Oakleigh is represented by the tree and the leaf - she is always everywhere unless sleeping and anyone who lives near an oak tree knows that when the leaves drop, they are EVERYWHERE.  I had to add the 13 cents since my birthday is on the 13th and it is my favorite number.  I checked and the last time 13 cents was the postage rate for a first class stamp here in the US was May 1978 and the last time a postcard was 13 cents was back in February 1985.  I fall in there somewhere :o)
Thank you for hopping with us and for visiting AnnieOak Designs today, now go check out the rest of the bloggers I am sharing the day with:
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And, as usual a little pup lovin' for you.  This is what happens when I take too long to photograph Bug:
woof woof meow!

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