Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ho Ho Ho with Me Me Me! (8/8/2013)

Hi hi!  Happy Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop!!!  Thank you so much for hopping with us :o)  First off, thank you to Carol, our Cheery Cheerleader and our Fearless Leader, Madame Samm.  Have you been checking out the other blogs?  Today is the last day and everyone's posts have been fabulous!  Here are the links to the last of us hoppers:
Now, on to my little piece.  I drink a lot of water at night - a lot.  The cat loves to get on my nightstand, with her tail straight up in the air and rub up against the lamp, hitting the light pull with her tail and clanking it in the middle of the night.  If I leave my water bottle where it is handy, she knocks it down, usually in the direction of my face, usually early in the wee hours of the morning.  Sweet, sweet child.
So, to help me find a place out of the precious pet's way, I needed something to tell me I had put the water bottle down in the right place in the dark.  So, a mug rug was called for.  If I don't hear a clunk when I put the bottle down, I know I've placed it in the right place and can go back to sleep without worrying the little evil elf will try to give me a bath in the dark.
This is what happened when I sat down with my scrap bin and embroidery floss.
Fun huh?  Here's another shot of it under my favorite mug from work (the water bottle is ugly ;) so the mug was brought home for a prettier picture).
And what is that little glass orb you see?  This one here?
It is a paperweight I made over at the coast in Lincoln City a few weeks ago when my Mom came up for a visit.  It is all glass and I made it!  There are instructors at the gallery and you can work the glass under their supervision - too fun!  Here is another shot of my mug rug and the paperweight:
I hope you enjoyed hopping here, I love my mug rug - it is already back in its place :o)  Here is some Molly Cat love.
woof woof meow

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