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Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin REVEAL DAY! (7/24/2013)

Hi hi!  How are you?  I am busy!  It has consistently been in the 80s-90s here and that is just TOO HOT for me to be in my sewing room.  So, I've been working in the yard, playing at the coast and getting some good time in with my girls.  Mom came up for another visit - that was fun too!
Enough about all those things, I'll post about them in a day or so.  Today, you are here for the Modern Mini Mystery Round Robin Reveal Day!  First, a big Big BIG THANK  YOU to Michele of Quilts From My Crayon Box for hosting the MMMRR for 2013.  I saw that I missed it last year and was very intrigued.  I participated in the Quilt U Be Mine Round Robin she hosted and had a blast, but I almost overdid myself, I did two spots - AGHHHHHH!  I was just going to sit out and drool over this round but Michele asked if I would like to participate and that was the kicker, I was in!

There were 6 of us in each group, at least one international participant.  I shared my round with these lovely ladies:
All five of these lovelies sent me awesome pieces to work on and I hope I did them justice.  I did try to keep the "modern" part of the MMMRR with what I did, one of the blocks I just did plain borders with a flange, I was totally stumped as to where to go with it.  For some reason I didn't take ANY pictures of what I did to Laurel's block which is a bummer because I really enjoyed working on it.  Here is what I did (outer border of each - minus Laurel's block).
Upper Left - Ann's was free-form applique; Upper Right - Bea's was just straight up lines;
Lower Left - Diane's was from a pattern called "London Tube"; Lower Right - Kim's was a fun butterfly print and flange
When I sent my block off I asked the ladies of the group to keep it with the browns and gold tones.  And they did!  I was inspired by the pictures I saw over at Fabric Mutt, you can see the original explanation here.  Here is what I sent off to the group.

Fun huh?  I love, love, love that giraffe print in the middle.  Well, what I got back was even more fun - these 5 ladies are amazing.  AH-MAY-ZING (Zing Bot couldn't say it better BB fans!)  Check it out.  The is the first 4 rounds, my center block and the magic they swirled around it. 

Trust me, what you're gonna see next will knock your socks off.  Here are some close ups of the fifth round - appliqued Masai and goats. 

Totally pulls that giraffe print into an African theme and POW.  Right?  Right?  Finally, here is the finished piece, the final round pulling everything in and making it nice and tidy - just my style :o)

I love this piece!  I got it the first week of June and it has been hanging on my bedroom wall ever since, every time I walk by it I smile.  I still haven't figured out how to quilt it.  I'll definitely do it on the longarm, I think I prefer it over FMQ on my Juki.  Any ideas?  I know I want to mimic the patterns in African print fabrics - geometrics and lots of repeats. Back onto the bedroom wall with it!
Thanks for visiting and don't forget to make sure and visit the others linking up with Michele for the MMMRR Reveal Day!
Here is some Molly love.

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