Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pincushion Swap - April (4/17/2014)

Hi hi!  Last month I joined up with Bea's Pincushion Swap and was super excited when she sent out our assigned swap partners. She has been doing this since about 2012 and keeps pictures of all the swapped pincushions on her blog here and here.  How fun are they?!
My partner to make a pincushion for was Laura this month and she mentioned she loves to garden and grow vegetables and flowers.  I knew I had a paper pieced pattern bouncing around in my sewing room somewhere from Regina Grewe that would be just right.  Paired with some fun butterfly fabric for the focus fabric and voila!  
Out came this watering can for Laura.  I picked up a little set of botanical notecards and a little Oregon pin from a store downtown and sent it off to NC.
My partner to receive a pincushion from in April was Nancy and I was really hoping she had one of her bunnies left for me - they are too stinking cute.  When I opened my package, I did the happy dance with Oakleigh!  She sent me my very own bunny - woo hoo!!!
Out in the garden it went...and was immediately eyed by Annie as a new toy to carry around.  That was immediately stopped by a cookie tossed in the other direction and the bunny was forgotten for the moment.  Nancy also included a great FQ of lime green batik - yummy :o)
I haven't been sewing much this week - it is my Mom's Spring Break and she has been up from California visiting.  We've still got the Spring Beer and Wine Festival in Portland and Easter to celebrate, so there is still a lot to do!!!  In the meantime, here is what I got to see while the bunny was having its photo shoot.
woof woof meow

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