Thursday, October 29, 2015

Melted Crayon Workshop with Terrie Kygar (10/30/2012)

Wowee!  Did we have a great time at our class on Saturday :o)  Our guild, Santiam Scrappers Quilt Guild, had Terrie over and she put on a class for us with crayons, irons and pressing sheets.
So. Much. Fun.
Have to say it didn't really seem like my kind of thing since I am pretty harsh on criticizing my own coloring skills, but dang - it was fun and turned out really cool!  So, so, so glad I did it!
Terrie and her daughter Kristy came over from Dallas and brought all kinds of fun stuff with them.  She taught the techniques out of her book, Creative Quilts From Your Crayon Box.  I would totally recommend buying the book, the techniques are really clear and the projects turn out totally adoreable.  Click here, here and here for sites that sell the book.
We all arrived and set up our stations.  We needed an iron, pressing pad, applique pressing sheet, paper towels, crayons (Crayola of course!), colored pencils (we used Lyra), pigma pens and muslin (she recommended Southern Belle Muslin) backed with fusible web (recommends Steam-A-Seam Sticky Back).
We started off with the pear, then moved on to a leaf, trumpet flower, humming bird and a flower with separate petals.  Check out Martha's Blog, Quilt To The Edge, for great step by step photos of Terrie doing her thing.
The rest of this is going to be nothing but photos - I took a lot of us as we worked.
Arline setting up
Ginger and Cindy setting their stations up
Arline's pear
Ginger and Cindy working on their pears
Linda's pear
My finished pear
Ginger's finished pear
Class's finished pears
Cindy's leaf
Peggy's leaf
Arline's leaf
Jo Ann's leaf
Martha's Leaf
Class's finished leaves
Blank trumpet flower and my color selection
My trumpet flower with the light color
My trumpet flower with the medium color
My trumpet flower with the dark and contrast colors
My trumpet flower with green leaves
My finished trumpet flower
Ginger's trumpet flower
Linda's trumpet flower
Arline's trumpet flower
Peggy's trumpet flower
Jo Ann's trumpet flower
Martha's trumpet flower
Class's finished trumpet flowers
Jo Ann's hummingbird
Arline's hummingbird
Ginger's hummingbird
Jo Ann's hummingbird
Peggy's hummingbird
My finished hummingbird - of course it has to be different!
Some finished hummingbirds
Ginger's petal flower
Jean's petal flower
My finished pieces
Here is a video where Terrie demonstrates the melt-n-blend technique

Hope you liked the smorgasboard of photos - I know that we all had a FANTASTIC TIME!

woof woof meow

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